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I’m Allison Sue.

Life Navigator, Personal Growth Educator, Confidence Hype-Squad, Travel Lover, Wife, & the Chill Friend always ready for a coffee chat.

Grab your favorite beverage(s) and get comfy cause we’re discussing some real life stuff, laughing together, and navigating our way to lives we feel good about!

“We all have an inner compass that will lead us to our best lives. We just have to learn to read it and follow the path it takes us down.” 

-Allison Sue

I’m a personal development enthusiast, lover of all things journals, and I’m kind of obsessed with empowering others with the tools to create lives they feel good about.

A blogger, educator,  avid journaler, and travel lover, my favorite kinds of days are spent drinking warm beverages in my comfiest clothes while sharing impactful tools with you!

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“Making sense of life and relationships in a world where we are constantly bombarded with conflicting information is difficult. That is why it is so important to to carry with us an internal compass that allows us to assess the relevance of incoming data. What makes something relevant? It’s relevant if it helps you become the best version of yourself.”

-Matthew Kelly

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