Hey Girl!

Welcome to my site and this (hopefully) fun page where I’m sharing a little about myself with you!

I’m Allison Sue, a down to earth yoga pant & messy bun wearing, military wife. My average day is fueled by tea and smoothies, books are my first love, and I move around a lot (thanks to the before mentioned military thing). 

I married the only man I ever dated. Risky move, I know. He had never really dated anyone either so now we both laugh at how lucky we got ending up with each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The Start of Things

On our wedding day, I laughed and announced I was in for an adventurous life as I took Josh’s hand (If only I knew just how much of an adventure).  I was excited to set up house, make Instagram worthy meals, and live my best life. The idea for this blog was seeded less than a year later, shortly after I found myself crying for reasons unknown to me, for probably the tenth time. Looking back, I know now it was because of how overwhelming life felt.

The “adventures” were piling on top of each other quickly and I was not equipped for managing them skillfully much less to the perfection status I felt society expected. This adulting thing was hard. Especially, in Florida, in August, where this northern girl quickly learned all about how large insects with too many legs could get into your house and then inside of your iron to which the best reaction is to scream, throw it away, and go to Target to buy a new one. Can you blame me?

Better Living

Life was stressful and 100% not what I thought my life would look like. Not. Even. Close.

Josh was gone a lot for work so I was usually alone. I felt lost, confused, and anxious as I did my best to figure out what it meant to be an “adult”. I wanted to live out my best life like others on Instagram seemed to be doing but getting there proved to be exhausting and depressing.

The problem was that I had no idea how to “live my best life” or more importantly, what on earth that even looked like for me. The harder I tried to copy what others were doing, the worse things got. I finally decided to ignore social media and figure things out on my own. A decision that was my saving grace.

Compass My Life

I scoured the internet for content that would bring me answers and while I found a few, the hard part was that they were scattered all over the place. I had to search and search to find things that worked for me or trial and error it out. Everywhere I looked seemed to offer “perfection” or the newest magical product to make my life better. None of which felt right for me. I needed answers. Real answers.

As I began to find my answers and put everything together, life changed. It changed drastically. I went from feeling like things were out of control to loving my life. I learned to prioritize, find some form of balance, and give myself a whole lot of grace.

I looked around and realized that I wasn’t the only woman feeling lost in life and because I finally had what I felt like were real answers, I decided to start this blog to help other women find real answers too.

The one thing all of my searching and learning has taught me, is that we all have an inner compass that will lead us to our best lives. We just have to learn to read it and follow the path it takes us down.