Recommended Personal Growth Resources &  Tools

When I was first getting started on my personal growth journey, I felt like I didn’t know where to start. A lot of time was spent searching for the right tools and resources. What book should I read next? Who do I follow? What courses are worth the money? Lot’s of questions, and an overwhelming amount of info being thrown my direction. I wished someone would’ve given me the steps to follow and that’s really the big reason I started this blog. So it only made sense that I would create an easy to follow guide to the things that made the biggest difference in my life. I hope this A Year of Better guides you through your most life changing year yet!

Also, just so you know, I’m an affliate for several of the resources below. That just means that I may get a small comission at zero cost to you if you click on a link and make a purchase. Seriously though, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. A lot of these resources are things I’ve asked for permission to share with you because I believe in them so strongly. I hope having this curated info is an amazing help in your personal growth journey.

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Jumpstart Your Intentional Living Courses

Values + Vision Course

Get Values + Vision

Are you feeling overwhelmed and having trouble figuring out what you want out of life?

This course helped me get clarity on what mattered most and what a fulfilled future looked like for me.

7 Simple Days Course

I Want Simple Days!

Need a little help figuring out how to start living a little more intentionally?

7 Simple Days is the perfect course for helping you figure out how to turn off the autopilot of life and kick start a simplier lifestyle.

Podcast Favorites

The Start Today Morning Show

New episodes drop five days a week and I listen to just about every one. This show keeps me going every day. It’s having coffee and getting a dose of motivation with friends you didn’t even know you had. Rachel and Dave Hollis keep it fun, authentic, and powerful in every episode.

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The Mel Robbins Show

I’m a huge Mel Robbins fan and am so excited to have discovered that they’ve turned her new talk show into podcast episodes! She’s the author of the 5 Second Rule and a motivational powerhouse. It’s the little things she talks about that have made truly life changing impacts in my life.

check it out

The Journals That Keep Me Going

The Start Today Journal

This journal comes from Rachel Hollis and is a crucial piece of my morning routine. I write in it every day 5 things I’m grateful for and the 10 goals I’m working towards in life. There’s something about being thankful and reminding yourself every day what you’re living for that is really powerful.

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The 5 Second Journal

This journal is from Mel Robbins. The daily prompts here are designed to help keep you motivated and pushing through the rough mornings. I find that this joural is super helpful to make sure I reset to a good place each day and that I make progress on something related to my dreams.

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Blank Jounral Favorites

I use these journals for sooooo many things. I’m kind of obsessed with them – whether I’m taking notes, pouring out my feelings on a page, or just doing some simple journaling, these are pretty much the only journals I use these days. Bonus points that they come with pretty or motivational covers!!

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