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Ever feel like there’s some days you wake up feeling super confident and ready to go, and other days you need a little help mustering up the courage to face what the day holds?

There’s been countless times in my own life when I’ve wished I was feeling just a little more confident going into a day or situation. 

In recent years, I’ve learned a few things that I keep in my personal growth toolkit to help me feel more confident. Now, I’m sharing my favorite confidence building activities for women with you! 

Although, technically they can be done by anyone, I find that these things have been really empowering to me as a woman. Quick pick-me-ups, long term plans, and full confidence resets are all getting covered in this post. Any time I need a little confidence boost, these are my go to tips. Let’s dive in!

Self Confidence Building Activities for Women

Self Confidence Building Activities for Women

1) Journal

Usually when I’m not feeling super confident, it’s because something is holding me back; an old insecurity, uncertainty in my ability, or something I didn’t realize I was fearing. Anytime I feel like this, journalling is one of my favorite things to do for processing through. 

When you journal freely, it gives you the ability to get everything you’re feeling out and onto paper where you can see it. You may even find there are things bottled up that you didn’t even know you were feeling. 

Giving yourself the space and permission to give voice to those thoughts and feelings enables you to see what you’re facing and create a game plan for growing through it. Plus, sometimes just getting the words out of your head can make you feel a hundred times better. 

Check out Journey, a digital journal app that allows you to journal on the go. 

2) Superwoman Pose

Need to feel more confident in a 30 second period? Try the Wonder Woman pose. 

Seriously, actually stand up and try this – stand with your feet hip width apart, put your hands on your hips, shoulders back, chest out, head high. Take a few deep breaths in and out here as you confidently stand in your place. For an extra dose of confidence, say the words “I am confident I can do this” while you hold the pose. 

Why would this work? Have you ever seen someone that just looked so confident? What about someone who looks totally insecure? The difference? How they carry themselves, right?

People who are confident hold their heads up high; people who aren’t have droopy shoulders and hang their head usually in an attempt to make themselves smaller. 

Confidence isn’t just an emotional thing, it shines through in how we carry ourselves too. Next time you need a quick confidence boost, try this wonder woman pose.

3) Pick a Mantra or Quote that Inspires You

We’ve all had one of those moments when thoughts and emotions start to spiral. I’ve found that the best way to shake that off is to have a quote or a personal mantra that is personally motivating to help rewrite the negative thoughts that are fighting to take control. 

Whenever you find yourself in the downward spiral, take awareness of it, and use a reset tool like Mel Robbins’ 5 Second Rule, then say the quote or mantra to yourself. This may take some practice but the more you do it, the easier it will become.

4) Be Around People and Media that Builds Confidence

If you become like the people you are closest to and the media you consume then you definitely want to be around people and consuming media that builds. 

Find people, books, and podcasts that build you up in whatever area of confidence you’re working on. When you’re having a rough moment, you can call your go to person or dive into the resources that make you feel confident.

Topics don’t have to be exactly about confidence but if there is an area you want to build your confidence in, then find resources on those topics.

5) Avoid People and Media that Tear Down Confidence

Similarly, avoid people and media that feeds into the negative. For instance, if you’re trying to be more confident in your ability to be a good parent, don’t hang out with people or watch tv shows where bad parenting is the cultural norm or main joke. 

The choices we make when it comes to who we hang out with or the media we consume directly impact the quality of our lives. If you’re not happy with your current life, check into what you are consuming and who you are hanging out with.

6) Dress to Feel Good

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve showered, done my hair, and wear clothes I feel good in, I always feel more confident than when I’m in old sweats and need a shower. 

If you know you’re going to need some extra confidence in a day, pick an outfit that makes you feel good and confident. This isn’t about vanity or how you look, it’s about how you feel. We tend to carry ourselves very differently when we put on our favorite outfit and there’s definitely nothing wrong with having a favorite outfit!

7) Breathing Exercises

There are some moments in life, when what we really need to help us isn’t actively building our confidence but just regaining our grounding. 

Personally, I believe that we all have everything we need to be confident within us. Bringing awareness to it in a rough moment can be really powerful. One way to do this is to just pause and take some time to do breathing exercises or even tapping exercises. 

There’s a really great app with tapping and breathing exercises called The Tapping Solution. It has guided practices including some specifically designed for Building Confidence and Turning Your Day Around. It’s a great tool to use anywhere and at any time when you need a reset.

8) Create a Confidence Building Playlist

When I need to get into the zone, I have a go to playlist I put on with songs that are just to get my energy pumped back up. I only listen to it when I really need that extra confidence pump. 

Everyone’s pump list is a little different so make this personal to you!

9) Push Yourself to Do Something Hard

Very few things feel as good as the moment you finish doing something hard. That moment you finish a really difficult workout, face a conversation that takes courage, or stand up for yourself in an area you never have before. 

When we prove to ourselves that we can show up for ourselves and our loved ones, we are actively practicing building our confidence. 

This doesn’t even need to be something really big. Going to the gym when we’ve always struggled to before, eating the salad, saying no to a scheduled commitment, or avoiding a toxic relationship can all feel hard. In the grand scheme of life, they are little things that can have a big impact.

10) Have a Go-To Reset

In the moments that feel really hard, I like to pull out my handy dandy notebook (please tell me you enjoyed that reference as much as I did), and use it to reset. 

But in all seriousness, I’ll journal a bit about what I’m feeling and then proceed to go through a set of activities that help me mentally reset. 

You can use several of the things from this list of confidence building activities for women to put a reset routine together or just pick one or two that really make you feel more confident!

Mine usually includes journaling or a walk, a shower, and a nap if it’s a really rough day.

Last Thoughts

So what will you put into action? These are the confidence building activities for women that I’ve used over the years, whether I need a quick confidence hype up or a full out reset for the day. Day by day these things have helped me change my life and navigate towards a direction I feel good about.

Every one of these activities is something you can add to your confidence building toolkit too and I hope you do! I look forward to hearing all about how you put them into use to change your own life!

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10 Self Confidence Building Activities for Women