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Have you ever stood on the edge of life, ready to take a leap of faith to bigger and better things, only to step back at the last second?

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Do you feel frustrated by the old and negative patterns that repeat themselves? Do you feel like you live by your greatest fear rather than your biggest dreams in life?

If you’re currently visualizing your little emoji hand high in the air – well, I’m right there with ya… and as it turns out, so are thousands of other people out there.

Which is exactly what we’re chatting about in this “There’s a Book for That!” – Take Control of Your Life review. 

Getting my hands on this book was a true turning point in my life and it’s why I want to share it with you now.

Take Control of Your Life is an Audible Original by Mel Robbins on how to overcome the fear that holds you back in life.

Have you heard about it yet? No? Perfect! Here are the best deets on it….

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

Take Control of Your Life Review

I heard about this book when it was first being released and as a huge fan of the author I was eagerly awaiting its release like it was the newest Target Fall collection of mugs (that’s a thing for everyone, right?)…. 

This “book” is actually an Audible original, which means you can only get it on Audible; there is no physical copy of it.

This may seem a tiny bit strange initially but it’s designed this way because the “book” is actually a collection of live coaching sessions. And let’s just say they sessions are fire!!! It’ll literally burn a hole through all the things holding you back in life… Seriously though, listen to this book only if you’re ready to actually kick-butt and finally do something about the dreams (and fears) in your life.


Who wrote Take Control of Your Life?

Okay, so technically no one “wrote” Take Control of Your Life but the Audible original is by Mel Robbins. She’s a personal development powerhouse and author of the New York Times Bestseller The 5 Second Rule. You may have also seen her Ted Talk or seen her daytime talk show recently. 


Why you need this take control of your life “book” 

Do you know that self-sabotaging habit that pulls you back to comfort every time you’re just about to do something big, and amazing, and totally scary? As it turns out, pretty much everyone has some sort of “greatest fear” underlying all those unfulfilled dreams and desires. 

Take Control of Your Life is a set of six coaching sessions with real people and real life fears and problems that are all super relatable and real. In every session, Mel coaches each person on how to walk through their fears and enter a new chapter of life. Listening to the coaching sessions is like getting a personal coaching session on how to overcome your own things. 

After each session, Mel hops on and gives a few tips on how to overcome that fear in your life if you relate at all. There’s also a super in-depth and amazing workbook that she gives away to go with the book.


What genre is Take Control of Your Life? 

It’s categorized as a “self-help” book and I think that sums it up perfectly! In Take Control of Your Life, Mel really teaches you how to self regulate and coach yourself through your fears.


Who is this book for?

Anyone ready to take themselves to the next level in life! If you’re ready to become aware of what’s holding you back in life and work through it, this book is for you. I honestly haven’t found another book as good as this one on coaching people step by step through closing out old chapters and intentionally entering into a new one.

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Take Control of Your Life Summary

This Take Control of Your Life Audible Original is set up as 6 coaching sessions. In each session, Mel walks someone through their real-life struggles and fears. I can definitely say that every session is super relatable. 



Here’s a summary of what each coaching session covered:

  • Session 1 – Dan: A fear that he would never be able to figure out what he should do with his life.
  • Session 2 – Heather: A fear of failure.
  • Session 3 – Rosa: A fear of facing the mess her life seemed to be.
  • Session 4 – Casey: A fear of being judged and getting called out.
  • Session 5 – Amy: A fear of conflict in all relationships.
  • Session 6 – Cassandra: A fear of being abandoned and a fear of being abused if she let anyone in.


What is your biggest fear?

Do you relate to any of the fears above? Are any of them your biggest fear too? If you’re saying yes or feeling the pain of even thinking about admitting to yourself that any one of these are holding you back in life… well, then I really encourage you to take the leap and grab this amazing book! 

It’s been transformative in my life and several of the people I’ve recommended it to. 


Here are the top 4 benefits I got from reading it:

1) I learned how to get to the core of a problem

There are plenty of areas of my life I’ve noticed patterns. Like those “why does this always happen” kind of moments that get really frustrating. Take Control of Your Life taught me how to identify exactly what was going on. 

I’ve always been a strong believer in getting to the core of an issue to really and truly resolve it and these days I can do that at a whole new level.


2) How to better self regulate

In the last few years, I’ve learned the importance of self-regulating. It’s a game-changer in rough moments and the easy ones too. You know – those moments you’re about to have a freakout but you don’t know why or how to work through it… Ever since listening to these coaching sessions, I can self regulate at a whole new level and there’s been more than one situation in which I was eternally grateful to Mel for that. 


3) I read situations better

I think we can all relate to having something happen with someone and wondering what on earth they were thinking. After going through Take Control of Your Life, I’ve been able to read situations better and either resolve, diffuse, or self regulate through it in a way that’s been super impactful. 


4) I can walk others through their fears

A short time after listening to these coaching sessions, I was hanging out with some family who had a friend over. I had never met this person before but I guess they picked up on my intuitiveness and ended up asking me if I knew why they were struggling in a certain area of their life. I walked them through their situation in a very similar way that Mel does and they left completely floored by the realizations they had come to. It’s why, if nothing more, I love helping others take impactful steps to create a life they feel good about. This book has really helped me do that!

Get Take Control of Your Life on Audible…

Take Control of Your life Available on Audible 

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this “There’s a Book for That!” segment with this Take Control of Your Life Review… Are you getting this amazing Audible Original today?? Tell me which session you’re most excited for in the comment box below!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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