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It’s not often I come across a book that I’m truly obsessed with. I mean, I’m a book fanatic in general but usually, my love of books comes in consuming as many of them as possible…

I love a good book and this one is amazing for a self-discovery deep dive! Check out my The Road Back to You Review! #selfdiscoverybooks #compassmylife #theresabookforthat

… but this one is on a level of its own. I LOVE The Road Back to You. Would you believe me if I told you that I read it in like three sittings and then proceeded to carry it around with me during all my summer travels? Sounds crazy, I know…

I also told everyone and anyone who would casually let me slip it in how much this book has helped me when it came to understanding myself and others.  

Needless to say, I’ve pretty much been a walking The Road Back to You review board. But what can I say? I’m passionate about sharing the things that change my life with others… and this book has. 

Let me get to the why though…

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

The Road Back to You Review

The Road Back to You is accurately described by its tagline – “an enneagram journey to self-discovery”. 

If you haven’t heard much about it, the enneagram is more than just another personality framework, it’s a typology model for the human psyche and it’s alarmingly and helpfully accurate – at least in my experience thus far. 

Which probably fuels the reason it’s a topic that is catching on like wildfire.

The enneagram dedicates the motivation of attitudes and behaviors to 9 interconnected types. Everyone falls into one of the types and shifts around the framework based on factors such as their stress and security levels. Personally, I believe awareness also plays a factor in how well we utilize our ability to function within the types.

A few years back I set out on my own expedition to self-discovery and this book pushed me leaps and bounds ahead. Perhaps one of the biggest parts of it has been that it’s helped not only my own self-discovery journey but also my understanding of others. 

Have you ever thought “what is wrong with that person? Why do they do things like that? What are they thinking????”  *sigh of frustration (or anger – you pick)*… Yeah, me too. 

Reading about and understanding the enneagram has fundamentally changed the way I interact with people and understand them. Which is why I’m doing a The Road Back to You Review!


Here are the top 5 benefits reading The Road Back to You has brought to my life:


1) It’s given me a deeper sense of self than I’ve ever had before

I know I’m not the only person who has ever wondered “who am I?” and “why do I do this?”…

Yeah, the information in this book has helped me answer so many of those kinds of questions. I don’t even really ask them as much anymore. I just re-reference the book to gain the understanding I desire. 


2) I understand others better than I ever have 

This book has helped me restore and strengthen relationships. With a new understanding of each other also came a greater ability to work things out in a way we both needed. I’ve introduced this book to my closest friends and family members and it’s not only helped my relationships with them but the entire family and friend circle as a whole. 


3) It’s helped my personal development journey 

I can more easily pinpoint my areas of strength but also the areas I need to work on. It’s actually really expanded and fast-paced some of my personal growth. I’ve had more than one person comment on the difference they see in me, my actions, and my countenance. 


4) It’s made room for a lot of deeper conversations

If nothing more, it’s a good read simply for being able to hold your own or participate in all the conversations about it that are popping up at parties. When you have an understanding of the way people think, you connect a lot quicker. 

I was recently at a function where the enneagram came up and the person I was talking to identified with the same type as me. We ended up chatting for a couple of hours and even quickly brainstormed how to work through some person dilemmas together. It was quite incredible actually. 


5) I’m more confident in who I am

This might sound odd, but understanding this framework has helped me be more sure about who I am.

It’s brought me to a place where I’m more at peace with who I am… and who others are too for that matter. I don’t feel the need to change myself or others anymore. If anything, it’s helped me see a way to tap into a healthier better place within my type.

I strive to help guide others to do the same because it’s kind of magical when you see someone light up with the “ah-ha” moment as they learn about the enneagram and their type. 

Today, I want to help you too! If you feel like you need a little more self-discovery and awareness in your life – for yourself and others, then be sure to check out The Road Back to You! I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of The Road Back to You! 


Have you discovered what type you identify with the most? Tell me about it below and one way it’s changed your life!


The Road Back to You Review: A Self Discovery Deep Dive